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A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Monday, December 23, 2013
By Lance Nixon, Capitol Journal. 

Retrofitted lights bring big savings to Pierre library.

When the Rawlins Municipal Library Board moved Nov. 4 to replace the lights at the library, provided money could be found in the current year’s budget, it was partly with dollar signs in mind.

The library had an estimate in hand from Nystrom Electrical Contracting Inc. to replace all the lights in the library for $14,157. It was anticipated that the upgraded lights would cut electricity use by 70 percent, for an annual savings of about $3,564 – enough for the project to pay for itself in four years and allowing the library to keep on saving electricity in the years after that.

But on Monday, as Nystrom employees installed that last of the new lighting fixtures, the cost savings was the last thing on Library Director Robin Schrupp’s mind. She said it’s the improvement in the quality of the light that library users are noticing.

“It makes such a difference,” she said. “There used to be a yellow glow in here all the time. Patrons have noticed it, they’ve commented on it. Or else they say, ‘Something’s different. I don’t know what it is.’”

It’s the lights, Schrupp says. And early indications are that the savings that the board anticipated will be there as well.

“They were pulling 356 watts per fixture and they’ve dropped down to 105,” Randy Schumacher of Nystrom Electrical Contracting Inc. said. “They’ve going to save 16,566 watts an hour. It’s a 70 percent reduction in wattage use.”

There are 66 lighting fixtures in the library that needed to be retrofitted, Schumacher said.

Schrupp was careful to get some photographs of the new lights side by side with one of the old fixtures to showcase the difference in the quality of the new, cheaper whiter lights.

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