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New lighting produces real benefits for Rawlins Library

Thursday, May 29, 2014
by Capital Journal Staff

  PIERRE:  When the Rawlins Municipal Library board voted in November to replace the lighting fixtures in the building, they were told what returns to expect for their investment.

    Those estimates turned out to be wrong - in the best possible way. 

    Nystrom Electrical Contracting, Inc. retrofitted the 66 lights to use the new more energy efficient bulbs and installed new grids for a cost of $20,582.  The new fixtures each draw 105 watts, compared to the 356 watts the old fixtures were consuming. 

    The initial estimate was for 70 percent savings and for the project to pay for itself after four years.

    Once the work was done, the effects were near immediate and drastic.  According to library director Robin Schrupp, before the work the average monthly electricity bill was $724.  The bill for December, the first month using the new lighting, was $151.50.

    The average monthly electricity bill between January and April was $133 and in the past five months the bill has not gone above $152.  That's a decrease of nearly 82 percent; a drop Schrupp said surprised her. 

    These bills will go up soon as the library will be adding at least 10 new fixtures as part of an addition being built on the building's north end.  However, that bump will be below what the library was paying before a retrofit.

    And the money has not been the only benefit.  Schrupp said people coming into the library have noticed and commented on the noticeable difference from before the retrofit. 

    The new lights have created a nice, even white glow, compared to the yellow lights from cracked fixtures which weren't conducive to reading, she said. 

    "Now, anywhere you go in the library, whether it be in the aisle looking for a book or reading a newspaper, you can notice a difference," Schrupp said.   

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